​​​​​​​​​​​​ Arctic Backcountry Flying Service


People flying with us often have a lot of logistical questions about their trip. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.  

How do I set up a charter with Arctic Backcountry Flying Service?
Give us a call at (907)442-3200 or email us at arcticbackcountry@gmail.com

Where are you located?
We are located in Kotzebue, Alaska at the west end of the airport. Coming out of Alaska Airlines, you’ll walk straight out to the stop sign and take a left and follow the fence along your left to the stop sign on 3rd. You’ll see the Park Service Heritage Center in front of you and on the left you’ll see the big green hangar. The signs on it say Arctic Backcountry Flying Service and Golden Eagle Outfitters. Both companies operate out of this hangar. This is a 5 minute walk from Alaska Airlines.

Can I ship or mail gear and things to you for my trip?
Yes! Please be sure to clearly show your name on all items. We have a lot of gear and people coming through our office so having your name on your package is a good idea. Please either use USPS or UPS. FedEx is not reliable up here.

Our mailing address is
Arctic Backcountry Flying Service
PO Box 672
Kotzebue, AK  99752

Or via UPS

Arctic Backcountry Flying Service
Lot 1, Block 3A
Kotzebue, AK 99752

Where can I stay in Kotzebue?
Nullaqvik Hotel (907) 442-3331
Bibber’s B&B (907) 442-2693 or (907) 412-1271
Sunny Willow B&B (907) 412-0872
Drake’s Camp (907) 442-2736
Sue’s B&B (907) 442-3770
Kelly Marcus Air BnB (907) 412-2294
LaVonne’s Fish Camp  (907)442-6013 or (907) 276-0976
Lagoon B&B (907) 442-4319
​Sandy's B&B (907) 412-1353

Several of these are listed on airbnb.com.

Do you rent guns?
No, we do not rent guns. And there is no one in Kotzebue that rents guns. You can however, purchase ammo at either AC at 907 442-2385 or KIC Hardware at 907 442-2400.

Can I buy camp fuel and bear spray in Kotzebue?
Yes! The local grocery and hardware stores carry most items you need: Ice, insect repellent, matches, food, fuel, bear spray, etc. Call them for all your needs, please! They’ll take your orders over the phone and deliver to us. Make sure your name is on your packages and makes sure to have your things delivered to the Golden Eagle Outfitters hangar.

Alaska Commercial at 907 442-2385
KIC Hardware at 907 442-2400

Do you have bear barrels for rent?
You can get bear barrels at the National Park Service Heritage Center. This is located diagonally across the street from our hangar. Call them for more information. (907) 442-3890

Will my phone have service in Kotzebue?
Verizon service is limited, and  AT&T, T-Mobile, GCI, and OTZ all work locally.

Do I need a satphone or Delorme Inreach while out?
Yes! We expect communication from you on your pick up date or for emergencies. Communicating the exact coordinates of where you're located and what the weather is doing on your pick up day helps us a lot. You are our eyes on the ground and it’s essential for us to be able to communicate with you. 

Do you rent gear?
We have inflatable rafts for rent from our hangarmates, Golden Eagle Outfitters. 
The PR-49 standard package and Pioneer X-Streams. You can see these at www.pristineventures.com/products/rafts-canoes-2

Cost for the Pioneer X-Streams is $650/week and for the PR49’s is $80/day
Please read up on these! All the information you’ll need is on this website.

You will be required to sign a rental agreement that includes protection for us for damage and loss. Bears really like to poke their teeth and claws in raft material. You’ll need to protect our rafts from this damage.

Where can I rent gear if I don’t have any?
Try this outfit. Many of our customers use them for full camp gear.

How much weight can your planes carry?
Our Cessna 206’s carry 5 passengers or about 700lbs. (The 700 lbs includes body weight and gear, not including pilot weight). Anything over this weight or passenger limit will require another flight to where ever you’re heading.

Can I fish and hunt while I’m out on my trip?
Please call the Alaska Department of Fish and Game about fishing licenses and regulations on state land at (907)442-3420 or the National Park Service at (907)442-3890 for regulations on federal land.

Is there cab service in Kotzebue?
Yes, please call (907) 442-4444 or (907) 442-4800 if you need a ride to our hangar. We would prefer if you took a cab to our hangar.

Can I store things in your hangar while I’m out fishing/hiking/hunting?
Yes, we have a place for storage.